Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Dreaded BLOAT!!!

It happens everytime...I come home from flying my trips 5 to 7 lbs heavier....Why you ask? Not because I ate up the whole world, but because of water and gas retention. It's something that affects EVERY flier. For me, as a Flight Attendant, the efffects are right away. When I strap into my jumpseat, which we have to adjust so that the belts are's to my fit. When it's time to land, I have to let the belts out a bit , because I have expanded ( because of the gas in my body, that we all have in our bodies)...the longer you're in the air, the more you expand. Now couple that with retaining water, you have the dreaded BLOAT!!!. Once I'm home for a few days, the gas goes away, and the water does too! Being a Flight Attendant, I also know that my body is expanding because of my uniform. We all know. We wear the same thing uniform day in and day's looser when we first start out, then when we get home! LOL!!
Now there are ways to combat this BLOATING. One is to drink LOTS of water!! 8oz for every hour you are in the air. Drinking herbal teas also help...they are a natural diuretic. Another natural diuretic is drinking water with lemon, lots of lemon, or a splash of cranberry or orange juice in water.  The thing you want to do is pee...ALOT. The water is flushing out your system, and hydrating at the same time.
Now I retain alot of water, so much so that it elevated my blood pressure for a while and they put my on a mild diuretic( prescription) Hydrochlorothorizide. When I was first put on it 3 years ago, I dropped 12 pounds! I was carrying alot of water!. But even after that, I saw that when I came home, the next day I dropped 7lbs sometime. I went back to my doctor who said that it was normal. That I didnt have to be put on a stronger diuretic called Lasik.  But for those who dont need a prescription water pill, I do recommend
GNC TOTAL LEAN's a supplement that regulates your water balance and has minerals and electrolytes. I take it as well and I have noticed a difference in my water retention.
The other thing to do is try and eat fresh veggies and fruits while traveling. Pass up on ALL processed foods! Meaning if they are offering a choice on the plane, at the hotel, or at the aiport concession stand, of something cooked, processed, or a salad, take the salad. Those other items are loaded with sodium and they will BLOAT you up! Have a fruit salad for breakfast, salad for lunch, and apple for a snack, then another salad for dinner, AND only if you're off the plane, you can add chicken to the salad, or have chicken breast, or fish for dinner with fresh veggies.You must watch your sodium intake! Anything else, and you will have the BLOAT.
Well I hope that information helps...


  1. Love your blog Kara. And for those who don't know her the girl stops traffic. Take all the advice you can get. :)

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