Sunday, April 1, 2012

What to eat!!!

Well I'm leaving for work tomorrow and I used to have a problem packing my clothes...Now it's my food, and since I'm using a smaller cooler.. I have to be more prudent. Over the years I've realized that certain types of lettuce travel very well. Now when I'm talking travel, I dont mean to work and back ( 9-5)..I mean from California, to Madrid, and back ( I eat it on the flight back, so three days in a cooler).  I'm not a big Kale fan ( well raw Kale) but it holds up really well. I am developing a taste for Arugula. It has a strong taste to it that does well with an equally strong viniagrette. I have packed with it mini hierloom tomatoes, and avocados. And i have a lemon viniagrette. I found a reusable single serve salad dressing holder at Bed Bath and Beyond that I'll have to list later, as well as what I'm taking with me today. I have also packed my banana, peanut butter, pears, and some edamame seeds.
It's hard to eat on the road, and especially when you spend most of your time on airplanes, in airports, and hotels. I love food, so my weaknesses are great, and my will-power not so good. But my goal to stay in a two-piece well into my 50's keeps me in check ( plus my good readings at my check-ups with the doctor).
Anyway, I hope you keep's a short night tonight and I have to go, but I will eloborate tomorrow on what you need to do to stay fit, and wow in that bikini! Good Nite

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  1. what's in the play-package she got from the stewardess, and what show she can pick from the screen in front of her. My son is still somewhat anxious, cheap flights to Jeddah