Thursday, April 5, 2012

How do you carry liquids when you cant?

Being a Flight Attendant , we can carry over 3oz of liquids, so traveling with water, salad dressings, yogurts, ect is not a problem for us. Some places overseas require us to adhere to the limit of 3oz or 75ml like everybody a baggy that seals shut. So I do feel your pain. But here in the states, as a traveler..there are ways to travel with your own food. First and foremost is the issue of water. Like I said in my earlier post, you MUST drink 8oz of H2O per hour of flight..MINIMUM. Yes, it's easier to have a big bottle of water on hand, BUT, you cant bring it through screening. Now they do sell bottled water at the many concession stands in the airports, but there are those that dont want to pay $2-$3 for a bottle of water. Now I have found a way to get around that. I carry soft/collapsible water bottles. They come in different sizes. You can fill them up AFTER you pass through security. And if you ask while in flight, we dont mind filling up your bottle!. They fold up and tuck inside your purse, and take up NO ROOM!! There are also airports around the country ( SFO is one of them) that have FREE BOTTLED WATER FOUNTAINS! You press a button, and you can fill your bottle, and if you dont have one, you can buy one for $3. Those fountains are available in certain terminals in SFO and other airports around the country. As for mine, I purchased mine at an REI store in Berkeley,CA. They range in price from 7.99 to 12.99 and sizes are 17oz to 27oz. They are PABA free and are very durable and easy to clean. They are called PLATYPUS . . There is a pic of mine posted above. There are  many companies now that make soft water bottles, and I found some at  Dollar Tree They are thinner, but do the job as well! And if you go to their website, you can order them by bulk (48 of them at a time). They come with a clip so you can hang it off the side of your tote bag. Just search under "waterbottles" and they will come up...or just check out your local Dollar Tree store. I found mine by the soda section. They come in many colors and make great gifts. If you find them in your store, buy alot of them ( I bought 10!). There is a pic of one posted below.
Now for you're food. How do you keep it cold. A refillable ice the ones we used as a kid. Fill it with ice before you leave the house to keep your meal cool..then dump the ice before you go into the airport..your food will stay cool. Then once you get through security, go to the nearest concession stand and buy a cup of ice. Once you get onboard, we dont mind giving you ice. Some people use baggies to store their ice. If you double them up, they work just as well. Also put your refillable ice pack in a baggie because it will "sweat" and you'll have a little "puddle" in your cooler.
How do I keep salad dressing? I found the cutest salad dressing holder at Bed Bath and Beyond by Everiholder It's 3oz and it can hold your favorite salad dressing ( enough for one large salad). There is a pic of it below. $3.99.  Also, I have learned to hoard package salad dressing whenever I can find them. They will slip right into your 1quart baggie . And most dont have to be refrigerated. When you see them, grab a few and keep them. Au Bon Pain also sells their salad dressing for 50cent a package.
These are just a few of my tricks. Eating well and staying fit while traveling takes a bit a planning , but the results are well worth it!
Take care, stay fit, and HAPPY TRAVELS!!


  1. I love that little salad dressing container from Bed Bath and Beyond. I am very picky about my salad dressings and I never like the ones on offer in the shops. So I can carry homemade dressing! The container size is perfect!!